BlackBerry benefits

This contract has been discontinued and is no longer available to customers. The information set out below is for those customers who are currently on these contracts and should not be misunderstood as being currently available for purchase.

Unlimited data usage (Internet, Emails and Social networking) through the blackberry.net apn.
Data usage through the internet apn will be billable at current data rates. This includes for instance, video streaming, off device browsing, using the BlackBerry handset as a modem.
Subscribers can add up to 10 personal email addresses for existing, supported email accounts that use IMAP4 and POP3 protocols. (Yahoo, Hotmail , Google and AOL accounts are supported).
Ability to add up to 10 email accounts including a corporate email account when subscribed to the 50% discounted BES. This is subject to the subscribers' corporation/company hosting a BES server.
The choice to activate a BlackBerry 50% discount, subject to the prior de-activation of the 100% discounted BIS (The 100% BIS and the 50% BES VAS cannot be active or activated on a single account simultaneously).

Tariff Plan

Contract length (months) 24 months only
Connection fee R 114
Monthly fee R 169
Included monthly minutes 100 off peak


General Information

Contract length (months) 24 months only
Connection fee R 114
Monthly fee R 199
Included monthly minutes 100 anytime



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